What’s the best way to get a date, if online dating is not working?

07/15/2013 -Anonymous asked: 

Question: What’s the best way to get a date, if online dating is not working?

Answer: Well, I consider myself something of an online dating expert, but I like to think that my knowledges stretches to meeting people in real life (henceforth reffered to as IRL)

So, meeting people for dates outside of online dating can be pretty tough depending on your social circle and your job. You’re more likely to meet someone at either Work/School or through Family/Friends than you are any place else. Next is online dating of course.

I know they say Work and School are the #1 place to meet people but that’s not something I would necessarily recommend. If you do date a coworker, try to avoid people who work directly with you. Same with meeting people in school. Try to avoid dating people who will more than likely be in most of your classes.

Besides those, here are some great ways to meet people:

Meetup Groups. Best case scenario: someone is in your meetup group who you click with. Worst case scenario: you meet like-minded people who are fun to hang around with. I’m in a meet up group for Creatives but there are meetup groups for anyone. And I mean, anyone.

If meetup groups aren’t your thing you can always try New York Social Sports Club or Zog Sports. If you’re not the sporty type I highly recommend the NYSSC Trivia bar league. I joined it after a breakup in 2009 and it helped me to connect with new people. It also helped me realize that shots on a Thursday are never a good idea.

Meeting people in low pressure situations that aren’t dating focused is the safest bet to meet new people.

If you’re someone who struggles to meet people to date, but also wants to avoid areas that are high pressure for meeting people i.e Bars, Singles meetups, Speeddating,  etc., try out a meetup group for an interest you have or want to develop.

Or just ask a friend to set you up on a date.

Good Luck out there

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