Demetrius Figueroa is the writer, editor, and founder of the Tao of Indifference. Demetrius has spent 10+ years dating in New York, both online and offline, building the expertise and experience to provide people with straight-forward advice dating, sex, and relationship advice. He’s seen it all, and that knowledge helps him to give objective, honest advice. His advice has been featured on: All Things Considered, Thought Catalog, DragonFruit, The Guidance Girl, Online Dating University, ToiTime, Digital Romance, First Date Purgatory, and Date Daily.

About The Tao of Indifference

Indifference doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Love is important, but you have to live your life and love will follow. If you’re focused on what matters (Being a better person, making yourself happy, self-improvement) and focus less on all the negativity that comes with dating and relationships (rejections, the friendzone, bad dates,etc.), you can and will find love and happiness.

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Disclaimer: The Tao of Indifference does not provide professional psychiatric or psychological counseling, advice or services. I am not a licensed Mental Health Professional. All posts should be read as you would read a “self-help” book. For professional and customized advice, you should seek the services of a counselor, who can become more intimately familiar with your specific situation. Counselors can be located through your insurance network or through your state psychological association.