Podcast Ep.126 – When should you bring up things like marriage & kids when dating? – Pt. 1

I called in a guest host for this episode and the episode ended up being so good and so long, we had to split it in TWO. You may recognize my guest host from episode 114, Talk Poly to Me, Perhaps Perhaps, aka @PolyGalSeeks on Twitter. In this half of this two part episode, we took a larger question about the timing around bringing up marriage when you first start dating and tried to tackle it from every angle. We start small, by asking how soon you should bring up pets, and work our way up to marriage and kids. Wondering how soon you should bring up the fact that you don’t want kids, or your bad credit, or even whether or not you should move in together and where?

If you want our answers, Press Play:

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Good Luck Out There.

Intro song: El Mariachi by The Freak Fandango Orchestra
Intermission song: Traffic Isle (ID 466) by Lobo Loco

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