Podcast Ep.120 – A listener asks: How soon is too soon on a road trip?



In this episode, we open up the Tao of Indifference hotline to answer a listener question about a very specific situation. How soon is too soon to have sex on a first date is an easy answer, sure, but what if it’s a crush from years past who you’re going on a road trip with? Trust me, we’ve got an answer.

Plus: Why you should always limit your liability on your own podcast, why “too soon” is a relative question with no real answer (with one big exception if you want a relationship), how awesome crossover episodes are, we confuse TaleSpin with Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers, post inauguration anxiety, and how hard it is to do the Hora.

And if you’d ever like to call or text us with a dating question, you can reach us at (347) 796-1864

Press Play:


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Good Luck Out There.

Intro song: Duckin' & Divin' by Greater Than Or Equal To
Intermission song: Beloved Is He Who Sits Down by Geese (Warning: Song Artwork is very NSFW)

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