If she is always the first to view my Snapchat story. Is she interested?


youngth asks:

If a girl is repeatedly the first to view your snapchat story, is that any indication of interest?

Literally every single story I post is viewed by her first. I have a MASSIVE crush on this beautiful woman and I’m lost. I genuinely feel as if she is out of my league, but every time we see one another when going out we end up talking. I’m just a freshman in college with a huge crush, so don’t judge, haha.

Demetrius says:

Trust me, I’m not going to judge you for reading into  someone paying attention to your Snapchat stories. I might not use Snapchat, or understand the appeal because I’m secretly an old man in a slightly less old man’s body, but you know what, I’m smart enough to know that this might be a sign. When you strip away the fact that the attention is being shown on a photo and video messaging application, and think about this in a general way, it’s less silly than you might think. Instead of phrasing your question as “If a girl is repeatedly the first to view your snapchat story, is that any indication of interest?”, let’s think about it like this:

If she repeatedly shows interest (in an indirect way), is that an indication that she’s interested romantically?


If we think of the question like that, is it really all that silly to ask? I’m not going to judge you for wondering if someone showing interest might mean that they’re romantically interest, that’s actually a really good question. I think indirectly showing interest in someone, whether it’s liking status updates, viewing video “stories” they record, reading their blog or listening to their podcast (😉), etc., can all be indicators that someone *might* be interested in you. It could also mean they just find you interesting, because you’re just that damn cool.

The problem is that romantic interest, and general platonic interest, often look exactly the same. Especially if the interest is being shown in an indirect or convenient way. Liking a photo, or leaving a comment might show some interest, but it doesn’t require that much effort to double tap a photo, so I wouldn’t read too much into it. When someone goes out of their way to show you that they’re interested in you, by inconveniencing themselves in some way, or doing something that requires a certain amount of effort, it’s easier to interpret that as a positive romantic sign. I want to stress here that it’s effort and  potential inconvenience, and not money spent. If a guy who makes $7 an hour spends the $30 he budgets to eat for a week to buy you something, he’s putting in more effort than the millionaire who buys you a David Yurman bracelet to show his interest.

So, to answer your question: Maybe. Maybe the fact that she always views your Snapchat stories means that she is interested. It could also mean that she think you’re interesting, but isn’t interested. The best way to find out is to ask. Oh and one more thing before I wrap this up. If a woman finds you attractive, SURPRISE, you’re in her league! Being inside our outside of someone’s league is subjective. Your desirability, what makes you attractive to people, isn’t something that is standardized. You could be the most attractive person in the world to some people, and butt-ugly to others. Some people will place more value on your personality, some will value your looks, and some will value your education and income more than anything else. Don’t get caught up on thinking you’re out of someone’s league just because you think they’re more physically attractive than you. If they’re interested in you, you’re in their league.

Good Luck Out There.

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