Podcast Ep.119 – How to deal with dating flakey people?


Dating flakey people really are the worst. Unreliable, infuriating, and inconsiderate. The problem is, we can’t completely avoid people flaking on us at least once. So how do you deal with dating flakey people? I know you’ve been wondering, so we’ve got some answers for you.

We get into why people flake before dates, what it’s like to be in relationship with a flakey person, and what you can do to work through flakey behavior is a partner. PLUS: Live tweeting your own funeral, why flaking really sucks if you take the subway, and we get very specific about bygone New York cultural institutions and the best way to eat a Jamaican beef patty.

Press Play:


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Good Luck Out There.

Intro song: Slow Down by Ryan Little
Intermission song: Dirt Rhodes by Kevin MacLeod

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