Your (Adult) Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you’re married, in a relationship, single, or dating someone and want to add a little spice to your burgeoning sex life, I’ve got some great suggestions that I think you’ll love. Sure, you could get them something practical, but why not get them a gift that you can share in a fun, safe, consensual, and sexy way?

Before I get into the recommendations, a quick disclosure, because being honest with you is why I even have a following. I’m a huge fan of Unbound, for a lot of reasons (like their stellar promotional emails), but I’m also an affiliate. What that means is that I make a commission off of any purchase you might when you use my link to make a purchase. While it might be financially beneficial to share this gift guide with you, please know that I would only recommend gifts I think you’ll love. I’ve had plenty of brands reach out and ask me to be an affiliate and most of the time, I decline.  I would never point you toward a brand that I didn’t fully support, and Unbound is one of those brands. I love Unbound, and I think you will too, but I want you to feel absolutely no pressure whatsoever to purchase anything. If you like the suggestions and decide to get something for yourself, awesome, if you don’t, that’s cool too, no pressure. Most importantly: this isn’t a sponsored post, or a paid advertisement. While I might make a commission off of your purchases, no one is paying me to specifically recommend any of these products. I wouldn’t recommend anything to you I wouldn’t personally buy.

With that out of the way, let’s get into Your (Adult) Holiday Gift Guide

$25 and Under

Unbound – Drawstring Bag – $8

The most Safe-for-work recommendation on this list is also the most versatile. I’m a big fan of pouches, bags, and vide poches, and this is one drawstring bag I’m a big fan of. Whether you use it as storage for toys, condoms, or anything else on this list, you’ll love this cute little bag.

Kinklab –  Bondage Tape – $8image_21821_grande

Full disclosure and or TMI: I’m not the biggest bondage fan. For me, bondage is cool in theory, but what happens when you’re stuck in some super intense Kibaku situation and you just want to scratch your nose? I like my bondage very low commitment. Which is why bondage tape is the perfect product for me, and just about anyone else looking to try out bondage in a very low pressure sort of way. It’s non-stick, so no worries about tearing it off your skin when you remove it, but it sticks to itself which I’m pretty sure is witchcraft. It’s low commitment so if you try it, and you’d much rather untie your partner while you play, it’s very easy to do. Plus if you’ve taped anything in your life, I’m almost certain you know how to use it, so there’s no need to study anything. But, as a warning, I’ll share Unbound’s Pro tips:

  • Never leave a bound person unattended or in the same position for extended periods of time. 
  • Leave room to slide a finger between tape and skin and check bound body parts to make sure they are not cold or numb. 
  • Never cover the mouth or nose or wrap bondage tape around the neck.

System Jo – Refresh Toy Cleanser – $12refresh_grande

If you do decide to buy a toy, or already own a toy, I hope you’re enjoying it, but most importantly, I hope you’re cleaning it. I don’t care what material it’s made of, or where and how you use it, you need to clean your toys! And I would highly, HIGHLY recommend the Refresh Toy Cleanser. It’s safe to use on all materials, and will make sure your toys are clean and ready to go when you’re ready to play. Plus it foams, which for some reason, I really enjoy.

Unbound – Holiday Sex Notes – $12112116_unbound3073_grande

It would not be a Holiday gift guide without an appropriately holiday themed gift. Can you think of a better gift than holiday themed sex notes? Because I CAN NOT. Seriously, these things are great, and if you’re a sucker for holiday themed puns & sex themed puns, this is the gift for you or someone you’d love to give a note that says “When I think of you, I touch my elf”.

Unbound – Condom Box – $16condom-box_2_grande

There are two types of things I like to buy a variety pack of: Mini candy bars and Condoms.I like to try out new brands because all condoms aren’t made alike, and some fit better, or feel better, or even just smell better. Which is why I’m a big fan of the Unbound Condom Box. Plus, I’m like the biggest (hehe) Sir Richards fan out there, so any variety pack of condoms that includes them is already a must purchase for me. This pack really is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of variety though. Want some fancy Japanese ultra thin condoms? Done. Want some vegan condoms? Done! Want condoms from a company that donates condoms to communities in need? DONE. Want some, ahem, larger condoms? D-D-D-DONE. Seriously, this box has it all.

(Quick note: While I personally appreciate luxury condoms, I’m aware that many people simply cannot afford them. That shouldn’t stop you from using protection. If you can’t afford condoms, don’t worry, there are probably free ones out there for you to snatch up. I can’t do the research for all of you, but here’s a link to where to find free condoms in NYC)

Bijoux Indiscrets – “Shhh” Satin Blindfold – $16shhh-blindfold-1_grande

The first time I experimented with blindfolding during sex, I used just about whatever was lying around. Ties, scarves, a du-rag, etc. While they worked functionally, they weren’t exactly sexy. If that sounds a lot like what you’ve done in the past, or what you’re doing right now, it might be time to upgrade your blindfolding tool of choice. Instead of using that tacky Christmas Tie your co-workers got you because they had a max spend of $10 dollars and, eh, they don’t actually know you that well, why not try out this sexy as hell satin blindfold?. Like bondage tape, blindfolds to me are very low-stakes and low-pressure ways to experiment with kink and BDSM that just about everyone can try out, with little commitment. Plus, there’s just something inherently sexy about a little sensory deprivation that I think even the most vanilla among us would enjoy. Oh and, did I mention that it’s satin, which I’m almost certain is the sexiest textile known to mankind.

Good Clean Love – Almost Naked Lubricant – $202010-02-12_20-24-27_grande

I’m a big fan of Good Clean Love the company, and I’m a bigger fan of their Almost Naked water based personal lubricant. In general, water based lubes are great because you can use them on and for anything, as opposed to oil or silicone based lubes which you can’t use on or for everything (silicone lube and silicone toys don’t mix, neither do latex condoms and oil based lubes). Scientifically speaking, the Almost Naked Lube is one of the safest lubes out there. Don’t believe me? That’s cool, because Good Clean Love backs up those claims with scientific research. Data aside, which I didn’t even see before I used it for the first time, it’s a damn good product, whether you’re using it by yourself, or with a partner.

Bijoux Indiscrets –  Desir Metallique Handcuffs – $22desir_black-001_grande

It’s cuffing season, and there is no better way to cuff up with someone than with this gorgeous metallic handcuffs. You may have noticed that I’m all about experimenting with kink, but not committing to it to the point where you’re handcuffed to a bed post trying to remember your safe word. These very chic, very sexy handcuffs are just the thing for folks like me, who love the idea of handcuffs, but find traditional cuffs too restrictive and too much of a commitment, but think those novelty handcuffs look too tacky. The cuffs come with a removable strap so you can use them for play, or accessorizing when you’re out and about, because without the strap, they just look like very cool bracelets.

Pipe Dream – Candy Cane Dildo – $25xmas2_grande

‘Tis the season…for getting yourself a fun and festive glass Candy Cane dildo. If you’ve been meaning to get yourself or someone you lust a glass toy, this would make for an excellent XXX-Mas present. Unlike silicone toys, which you can’t use with silicone based lubes, you can use glass toys with just about any lube. Plus, this toy will be perfect for your Santa/Naughty Elf roleplaying I’m sure many of you already have planned.

$69 and Under 😏

Sex Kitten – Nipple Clamps – $28a00533-sex-kitten-mini-tweezer-y-tips-sx1021c-main_grande

Did you know that for many women (and men to a lesser degree), stimulation of their nipples increases their arousal? That’s not just me talking anecdotally, it’s backed by SCIENCE. Which is why I would highly recommend trying out these nipple clamps. Don’t worry, they clamp, but they don’t bite. The focus here is on sensation, not pain, so the clamps themselves have silicone tips to avoid discomfort. Plus, they’re easy to remove, and come with an adjustable band.

Bijoux Indiscrets – Magnifique Metallic Waist Chain – $30magnifique-waist-metallic-chain-waist-jewelry_1_grande

This waist chain is fun, flirty, and I’m almost certain that it will drive your partner wild. Because, real talk, it definitely would drive me wild to see this chain on my partner’s waist. Whether you wear it while you’re out and about, or in the boudoir, you’ll look fine as hell.

Happy Lola – Paddle – $30160520_unboundecomm_10_floral_onepiece_055_grande

Always wanted to try spanking, but the idea of wailing on someone’s ass with a riding crop or a leather cat ‘o nine tails just seems way too intense for you? This paddle might be for you! The perfect paddle for beginners, it’s small, it’s 100% leather ( 😦 sorry vegans ), and has a very cute heart cut out. What’s not to love?

Oh La La Cheri – Joie Babydoll – $3574-10294x_bk_front_hr_64b4d33a-ec8d-4044-872b-52bff98ff84f_grande

One of my biggest pet peeves with most lingerie sets is that they might look awesome, but if it’s a whole corset & garter setup, it’s getting thrown on the floor almost immediately because it’ll just be in the way. Which is why I love when a woman rocks a babydoll, especially the Joie Babydoll. It’s slinky, sexy, sheer, and more importantly, you can touch, caress, and kiss your partner while they’re wearing this special little number. Corsets are cool and all but…you can’t really get a hand in there, can you? What I really love about this babydoll, and this brand specifically, is that they have sizes for woman of all shapes. Ranging from small to 4XL, I think any woman would look sexy in this little number.

JimmyJane Intro 2 – $59jimmy-jane-intro-2_6_grande

I cannot tell you how many partner’s I’ve bought and shared JimmyJane toys with. Mostly because I want to protect their anonymity, but more importantly, I don’t want to dwell on the numbers of times I’ve had to part ways with one of my favorite couples toys. To me, JimmyJane has always been a leader in both form and function of sex toys, and the Intro 2 is no exception. It’s design is reminiscent of the JimmyJane Form 2 (which I also highly recommend), and is a great fit for use with a partner. I cannot recommend the Intro 2 enough, or JimmyJane in general. Seriously, they make beautiful, great vibrators for couple and solo play. Get one.

Under $100

Liberator –  Wedge – $90wedge-001_grande

If there is any product on this list that I think you should purchase if you could only purchase one,  it is the Liberator Wedge. Whether you’re using it during oral or penetrative sex acts, you’ll love it.  I’m sure the pillows on your bed are lovely and all, but they just cannot compete against the Wedge in terms of function. Down pillows feel good to sleep on, but can they support you and a partner on top of you and still hold a “perfect for penetration” 27 degree angle? Didn’t think so. Besides the whole “firm support so that sex acts are comfortable” and the whole “creating angles that feel great during penetrative sex for both you and your partner”, the Wedge also comes with a removable (and machine washable!) microfiber, non stick cover. This thing is amazing, and I think that every single couple in the world should have one. I’m not joking and this is not hyperbole. All y’all need one

 Beneligni  – Wooden Dildo – $98walnut_grande

Nothing says classy like having an authentic, polished walnut dildo (or you can spring for the Maple version, which costs $163). Both sleek and unique, this dildo will fit perfectly in your hand, or inside you. If you’ve ever wanted to play with yourself and also simultaneously feel like a super sophisticated person who owns leather-bound books, this is the dildo for you.

Hot As Hell – Lace Bodysuit – $98hotashell_comin_haht_bodysuit__siren__red_front_grande

There is just something about lace that drives people (or maybe it’s just me) absolutely wild. This deep v-neck body suit, in red or black, is almost certain to drive your partner wild. It’s got lining on the bust, so you wont need a bra, and adjustable straps, so you can adjust the fit to contour to your curves. Plus, it bears repeating, you’ll look damn fine in a lace bodysuit.

Over $100

Unbound – Doxy Wand – $110

A plug-in “massager” that is, to put it lightly, powerful as fuck.Like, 3000 rpms to 9000 rpms powerful. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, and I would highly recommend using the Doxy Wand with LOTS OF LUBE.

I consider the Doxy Wand to be the spiritual successor to the (now discontinued) Hitachi Magic Wand, which was notoriously powerful and, from what I hear from the people I know who have clits, very effective. It might be pricey, but trust me when I say that while there might be cheaper options, they definitely wont give you the same bang for your buck.

Unbound – Couple’s Beginners Box – $180dsc_2200_grande

The perfect gift to share with your partner this holiday season, and any season really. Here’s the rundown of what’s inside:

  • We-Vibe 4 Plus – A top-selling vibe couples vibrator which can be controlled by the We-Vibe mobile app. What a future we live in!
  • Lucky Love Dice by Bijoux Indiscrets – The perfect dice to help you get lucky with your partner
  • Tantus Cock Ring – A silicone cock ring that’ll help you last longer, and have more intense orgasms (if you’ve got a cock, that is). Plus, it’s stretchy enough to accommodate a wide range of sizes
  • Good Clean Love Personal Lubricant; 4oz. – See my description above and thank me later
  • Exsens Arousal Gel – A cooling stimulation gel (that part is important, lots of stimulation gels apply heat) that will feel great on your nipples or clitoris. No preservative, no petroleum-based ingredients.No parabens, no phenoxyethanol, just good clean fun.
  • Plus an Unbound Swag Bag (mentioned above) and an Unbound Door Hanger to let your roomies know, hey, I’m getting laid here, do not disturb

Trust me on this, this box is a steal for what you’re getting.

Epi24 – Womanizer Deluxe – $189womanizer-001_grande

Full confession here: I do not have a clitoris, so there’s only so much I can say about a suction clitoral vibrator that might convince you to buy one. Luckily, some awesome women have already reviewed it after putting it through some practical use. You can read the Unbound review here and the HuffPo video review here. Suffice to say, this thing is very well-regarded and comes very highly recommended. Despite the name (I’ll give them a pass on the name because they’re a German company and things get lost in translation), by all accounts, the Womanizer is an amazing product. So while it might be a splurge, it might also make you feel amazing. And you know what, you should treat yourself.

Here’s hoping you found something you liked on this list, or even through your own searches on Unbound. If you’d like to sign up for their subscription service (which you can learn about here), or just want to shop for something not on this list, I’d appreciate it if you do so by using my referral link here.

Good Luck Out There.

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