Podcast Ep.104 – Since Being Single


I know a thing or two about dating, but there are some things I just will never be able to have a perspective on. One of those perspectives is what it’s like being single and dating as a British Asian. Sure, we can talk dating generally, but when you want to get into the dating experiences and perspectives for Asians, especially British Asians, I’ll freely admit that I’m fairly clueless. Luckily, my guests aren’t.

Kamey and Sabeen are the founders and co-founders of the website Since Being Single, a British Asian dating site that provide a free online community, unique singles events, and practical tools and advice to help singles find love faster. I got them on the podcast to give me, and my listeners, some fresh perspectives on what dating is like for British Asians, and also to get some their perspectives on what dating is like for just about everyone. We talked about our own dating struggles and the struggles they’ve seen in their community, attitudes around dating and money, how to build and maintain healthy relationships, and why fostering a community that shares openly and honestly is important for so many British Asians.

You can check out on their website, SinceBeingSingle.com, on Facebook at Facebook.com/KameyandSabeen, on snapchat at Snapchat.com/add/KameyandSabeen, on Instagram at Instagram.com/KameyandSabeen, and you can also check out their YouTube page at Youtube.com/channel/UCI47-UsP6apPN-EUxaYVbog. You can follow Kamey and Sabeen on Twitter at Twitter.com/SBSKamey and Twitter.com/SBSDating.

Press Play:

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Good Luck Out There.

Intro song: Seeing The Bigger Picture by Big Mean Sound Machine
Intermission song: Selah by Cyrus

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