Podcast Ep.103 – It’s Cuffing Season


I hate to break it to you, but with the warmer weather slowly fading away, we are at the dawn of Cuffing Season. Hate it or love it, you can’t deny that once fall approaches, suddenly everyone’s got a new boo who wants to do an apple-picking photo shoot with them. Hey, I don’t blame them, dating someone you’re on the fence about is a lot more justifiable when the weather drops below freezing. I’m only half kidding, that extra body heat is a major key during brutal Northeast winters.

In this episode we’re talking Cuffing Season. We get into our own experiences, why people fall into the trap of settling during Cuffing Season, how to stop yourself from making the same mistake and, since we know some of you will be spending all of cuffing season having Netflix and Chill dates, we’ve got 12 Netflix streaming recommendations for you to check out.I can’t guarantee the quality of the “Chill”, but I think you’ll like the Netflix suggestions.

Press Play:


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Good Luck Out There.

Intro song: Rock This Town by Nick Vivid
Intermission song: Path of no return by Lobo Loco

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