Podcast Ep.100 – A Year of Being Single


Here we are, One Hundred Episodes! Can you believe it? To celebrate this milestone, Delaney and I decided that the best thing to discuss would be, obviously, my dating life. If you don’t know, I’ve been single for about a year. In that year, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve also come to value some things you just can’t get when you’re single.

We get into my newfound appreciation for being in love, why dating is much harder now than it has ever been for me, and a whole bunch more. Plus, this episode’s intermission has some highlights from all the lovely guests we’ve had on the podcast. Without them, we couldn’t have gotten to episode 100.

As always, thank you for listening and Good Luck Out There.

Press Play:


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Good Luck Out There.

Intro song: Sleep When Dead by A Giant Dog
Intermission song: Der Winter: Overture by MIT Concert Choir

Guests, in no particular order:

Dr. Pari Ghodsi. You can find Dr. Pari on the Web, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Emily Roberts, LPC, The Guidance Girl

Saskia Nelson, founder of Hey Saturday. You can find her on twitter at @Saskia_Nelson, and on the web at www.heysaturday.co. 

Mary Reilly, The Date Meister. You can find her on the web at TheDateMeister.com, or on Twitter at @DateMeister.

Michele, creator of Rules of Ungagement. On twitter @ungagement, on the web at rulesofungagementblog.com, and on Facebook at Facebook.com/RulesofUngagement.

The Blonde and The Brunette, creators of the dating blog First Date Purgatory

Mary Geneva, author of Nicknames: Tales from the Shallow End of the Manhattan Dating Pool. You can find Mary Geneva on Twitter @MaryGenevaNYC, on Instagram at @MaryGenevaNYC and her websiteNicknamesNyc.com and you can find her book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or directly from her here.

Tiffany "Krunk Pony" Pilgrim You can find her on the web at Krunkpony.com, on Twitter@Krunkpony, and on Instagram  @Krunkpony.

Liz LaPoint, creator of The Naked Advice. You can find Liz on Twitter @liz_lapoint and @TheNakedAdvice. You can find her site atwww.TheNakedAdvice.Wordpress.com, and on YouTube at www.YouTube.com/LizLaPoint.

And my mother, Denyse Smith, whose work you can find here


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