Podcast Ep.94 – Should I have short-term dating goals?


Everyone talks about knowing what you want out of dating is the first step to meeting someone. What sort of partner you want, what sort of partnership you want, and what goals you want to meet together are extremely important in your romantic search. Whether it’s a non-monogamous, childless marriage, or 3 kids, a picket fence, but no wedding ring, or something in between, being on the same page with your partner is important. Daters are told (sometimes by me) that we need to know what we want before we go out and look for it. Sound advice for sure, but it got me thinking. Why don’t we look at our dating and relationship goals on a micro scale? We might have the same long-term goals as the people we date, but what if our short-term don’t align? Isn’t that just as bad as dating someone who doesn’t share the same long-term goals?

Should daters have short-term dating goals? Should we structure how we look at relationships the way we look at job performance? Would it be great or terrible to have a formal mid-year relationship review?

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Good Luck Out There.

Intro song: 7 Ghosts I by Nine Inch Nails

Intermission song: Bonteka (Scott Nice Remix) by Scott Nice

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