Podcast Ep.86 – A Very Special Mother’s Day Episode


You know who is awesome? My mom.


Here’s my mom in white with my youngest brother, with my grandmother, aunts, siblings and first cousins. That’s me on the right wearing the best outfit ever.

So much so that I thought to myself, “Self, you know who would make for maybe the best guest ever to have on your podcast? Your mother”. So, that’s what I did. In this, A Very Special Mother’s Day Episode of the podcast, I asked my mother Denyse, about love, dating, and a whole bunch more. If you ever wanted a mother’s opinion on how to make relationships work, good first date options, how long you should wait for sex, and a few more, this is the episode for you. In addition to all that, I also got to ask my mother a bunch of dating questions about me. How old or young should I date, what type of woman would be a good fit for me, whether or not it’s important to her if I ever get married or have kids.


My Mom and Dad

Besides that, we get into a bunch of random stuff: Her first crush, how to win her over by watching the film Claudine, the first piece of dating advice my mother ever gave me, the first nickname she gave to one of my girlfriend’s and best/worst of all, I get called a millennial by my mom.


Mom and Me

Press Play:


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Good Luck Out There.

Intro song: I'll Always Love My Momma
Intermission song: Dear Mama - 2pac

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