Welcome back listeners! Thanks for checking in with us, we’ve got a fun episode for you today. We’re talking about Ghosting.

Ghosting is a hot topic these days and we wanted to tackle it. Many daters have been Ghosted, many daters have Ghosted, and the NY Times even wrote an article about Ghosting after Charlize Theron Ghosted her then boyfriend Sean Penn. Since it’s at the forefront of modern dating, we wanted to sit down and talk about ghosting. Is it ever okay to Ghost, have we ever Ghosted, when is it never okay to Ghost, we really wanted to tackle the topic from all sides. Oh and yes, we do address Charlize ghosting on Sean Penn. Spoiler alert: We were, surprisingly, okay with a man who has a history of being violent toward women being Ghosted. Who would have guessed?

No dating advice questions this time around, just an honest discussion on Ghosting. We get into the best times to ghost, the worst times, also: BANTER.

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Good Luck Out There.

Podcast Ep.51: Is Ghosting ever okay?

3 thoughts on “Podcast Ep.51: Is Ghosting ever okay?

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