Hello listeners!

This episode tackles a very sensitive topic, though we try to do so with humor and respect. We wanted to talk about Fetishes.
But first, we answer two dating advice questions of Fetishes from the dating advice sub-reddit.

The first question comes from a girl who is dating a guy with a fat fetish. She’s not sure if he’s actually into her, or just dating her because she’s fat (her words, not ours. Here at the Tao of Indifference we do not fat-shame)

The next question comes from a guy who wants to break up with a girl, but wants to make her break up with him by confronting her with his fetish. What that fetish is, well, you’ll have to listen to find out.

Finally, we cover some tips on how to talk about your fetish with your partner. This episode is a shortie, but a goodie.

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Good Luck Out There.

Podcast Ep.39 – Let’s talk about your Fetish

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