Can I Do This On A First Date?

You’ve got Questions about First Dates, I’ve got Answers. Here’s some answers to common First Date Questions:

1. Can I use a Groupon on a first date?

Maybe. If you both can afford to not use a Groupon, don’t use a Groupon. If you’re both on the lower end financially, go nuts. Ask first because some people are made uncomfortable with discount deals.

2. Dinner/Movies/Bars/Coffee?

Yes to all! I tried to avoid dinner, movies and coffee dates on first dates but that’s a personal preference. Feel free to do any of those on a first date.

3. Bring up an ex?

Nope, and avoid bringing up their ex as well.

4. Go dutch?

Maybe. If they insist and persistently insist, go for it. If you asked them out, like them, and want a second date, pay for them. The onus to pay is usually on the straight man first (I don’t make the rules so don’t blame me) but if you don’t subscribe to societal norms or traditional gender roles, the person doing the asking out should pay. If you’re going to go dutch, be clear that this is how you’re paying BEFORE the check comes.

5. Apartment date?

Maybe. I’d be wary of the first date at an apartment as your date might get the wrong impression about your intentions. UNLESS, your intentions are to have sex. In which case, absolutely yes.

6. Kiss on the first date?

Yes, but only if you’re interested. Don’t kiss because it’d be awkward not to.

7. Sex on the first date?

Maybe. This all depends on what you both want. If they’re looking for a relationship and you just want a hookup, do the right thing and not push for sex. If you’re both consenting adults and on the same page, go for it.

8. Double Date?

No. You should get to know each other better on a first date, not get to know a couple.

9. An exercise class?

No. Look, your commitment to fitness is commendable. However, if you want to get hot and sweaty on your first date, stick to Number 7.

10. Meeting your friends/family?

No.  Are you crazy? It’s a FIRST DATE. TOO SOON

Good Luck Out There.

photo credit: orphan jones (John Lambert Pearson)

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