5 Ways To Stop Being Clingy

Being clingy in a relationship can drive your partner away. It may come from a place of infatuation or affection, but if you don’t want to risk driving your partner away because of your clingyness. Here’s 5 ways to stop being so clingy:

1. Give them space

If you’re being told that you’re clingy, chances are your partner just needs a bit of space. So, give them space. Don’t say “I’m giving you space“, just do it. Mentioning it defeats the purpose.

2. Practice Reciprocity

If you’re clingy, or have been accused of being too clingy , it’s probably due to an imbalance of attention or affection on your part. If that’s the case, try only reciprocating and mirroring your partner’s interest, attention, and affection.

3. Embrace ME time

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be with your partner, but you need to be equal partners. If you can’t have a good time by yourself, why would your partner have a good time with you?

4. Be confident that they want to be with you

Don’t let insecurities make you question your relationship to the point where you try to overcompensate with attention and affection. If they’re with you, they want to be with you. Simple as that.

5. Chill

Your partner is amazing, I know, but amazing people need amazing partners. So, it’s safe to assume that you’re also amazing. You don’t need to smother them constantly for them to know that you’re amazing, just relax, and realize that you, just the way you are, is enough.

You don’t need to be clingy to win them over, just try to be a partner, not someone who is needy and brings nothing to the table but  infatuation.

Good Luck Out There.

 photo credit: Robert Bejil Photography

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