How Do I Take My Online Dating Offline?

You’re chatting up that hot little number you met on {insert name of your favorite dating app} and now you want your online flirting to turn into an in real life fling. So how do you transition from online flirting, to offline make-outs. Here’s how:

1. Get to know them first

If you want to meet someone offline, you’ll want to establish a basic level of knowledge between yourself. There’s a reason we ask people “What’s your name? Where are you from?” when we meet them. Take it a step further and get the “where you went to school/what you do for a living” stuff out of the way early. Don’t do a deep dive on any one subject, save that for your in-person date

2. Establish a connection

Once you’ve gotten to know them, make sure you guys actually have more in common besides being online daters. Banter helps, sharing shared interest helps, or something as simple as sharing your excitement about meeting them. Set the framework for an enjoyable date even if you guys don’t click.

3. Save some topics for your offline date

You’ve gotten to know them and you’re banter has helped establish a connection. Perfect! What you can do now is save some topics for your date. If you’re someone who has problems with small talk, hold some conversation starters in your head for when you finally meet in person.

4. Suggest a time and place to meet

Making the first move is a great first step. Be specific about when you want to meet, and where, and for what activity. ex. “Let’s meet at This Bar, on this day, for cocktails“. The specificity is important. It shows that you’ve given your date some thought. If they mention loving craft beers and you suggest a bar with an excellent craft beer selection you’re already earning points.

5. Meet sooner rather than later

If you’ve connected with someone you should meet them sooner rather than later. If they’re stalling they’re either not interested, or catfishing you. A good time frame to meet is within 2 weeks, or sooner. If it’s outside of that time frame and they’re not traveling,  you have to assume they’re either not interested or catfishing.

2 thoughts on “How Do I Take My Online Dating Offline?

  1. Good tips, it can be a tough decision or a bit nerve wrecking bringing an online person into your life, especially when there is romance involved because so much could potentially go wrong.. Make sure they are who they say they are and be cautious the first few times you meet them! 🙂


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