Should I Ask Out My Friend? 5 Signs You Should

What better person to date than the friend who knows you better than you know yourself? A friendship is a great foundation for a relationship, but, should you ask your friend out?

1. You have chemistry

Are you just really good friends or is there something more there? Flirting, having more one-on-one time than with your other friends, maybe you’ve even drunkenly made out once or twice, and so on. You know the signs when they are there.

2. You’re both available

You both should either be single or upfront about your polyamory. You should not try to ask out your friends if you’re currently in a monogamous relationship.

3.You’re not rebounding

The worse person to rebound with is a friend! Rebounds by their nature are temporary. If you’re both not rebounding, go for it. If either one of is, don’t do it.

4. You’re not settling

Just because you’re both single, have chemistry, and not rebounding, doesn’t mean you should date your friend if they’re your last resort. If you’re going to ask them out, make sure it’s because you actually want to date them, and not just because you’re both turning 30.

5. You understand the risks

There’s a 50/50 chance that things don’t work out. Can your friendship, or your friend group survive that? It’s possible that you might lose this friend for a time (or forever) so just understand that before risking it. You could also spend your life with them so you know, half-empty/half-full.

If your friend feels like the perfect partner, and you feel like it’s worth the risk, go for it!

Good Luck Out There.

2 thoughts on “Should I Ask Out My Friend? 5 Signs You Should

  1. I recommend this even if you have been friends for a while, you never know, they could be into you as well but to nervous to bring it up, the same as you..

    A close friend who I had actually had known for about 5 years asked me out, and I was so glad because i had a secret crush on him pretty much the whole time! we’v been together more than a year now!


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