How To Attract People You’re Attracted To

If you aren’t attracting the people you want to attract, you’re wonder probably wondering “How Do I Attract People I’m Attracted To”? You know the deal by now, here’s how:

1. Know what you want

First step is simple:Figure out What type of person are you attracted to? Give it some thought, I’ll wait.

2. Ask Yourself: Is my type attainable? Realistically?

You know what you want, so now ask yourself this:

 Am I being realistic? Is my type likely to be attracted to me?

Charisma and social skills can overcome a lot, but if you want to date intellectuals, it’ll be harder for you if you Keep up with the Kardashians instead of the latest happenings at Lincoln Center. If you’re attracted to a specific type, you need to be realistic about how attracted they will be to you.

3. Look The Part

You know what you want, you like your odds, now you need to look the part. What does your type look like? Great! If you want to be more attractive to them, look the part.

4. Be seen at their Scene

You can’t meet your type if you’re at home! Get out there and do things they’re likely interested in. Like Comic Book Geeks, go to a comic book convention, like sports fans, go to a sports bar, and so on. It’s not rocket science.

5. Be willing to Compromise, to a Point

If after all of this, you’re still not attracting your type, maybe it’s time to compromise on some of your standards. I’ve never been one to stick to rigid standards and I think it made me more successful at dating, with a more varied dating pool. Everyone has Deal Breakers, but not everything has to be a deal breaker. Learn to compromise on things like height, hair color, eye color, etc. and you’ll  some suddenly find your dating options have grown.

Happy Hunting and Good Luck Out There.

2 thoughts on “How To Attract People You’re Attracted To

    • A lot of people go into dating with the idea, whether subconscious or not, that they will date and it will help them figure out what they want. This is okay if you’re not looking for something serious, but if you are, it might be better to figure it out first before you waste time going on dates with people you couldn’t see yourself with.


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