Your Last Minute Valentine’s Day Guide (with Bonus NYC tips!)

Crap, you completely forgot that Valentine’s Day is on Saturday and you’ve done zero planning. You’ve got one week to figure out Flowers, Chocolates/Candy, a Dinner, and/or an Event. Don’t worry I’ve got you covered.


FACT: your local flower stand doubles the prices on pretty much all flowers especially red roses on Valentine’s Day. Here’s a sneaky tip to save you some bucks: Buy your flowers the day before, then put them in the fridge overnight, or put them in water overnight so they’re still fresh the next day.

BONUS NYC TIP: Get yourself to the Flower district (yes it’s a real thing) specifically, JRose Wholesale. They sell roses and a ton of other flowers by the dozen/two-dozen bunches. The price point and quality is superior to any bodega flowers you’ll find out there. The only downside is you’ll have to dethorn the roses and wrap everything yourself. I’d say that’s worth saving some $$$’s.


You can’t go wrong with Godiva chocolates (ranging from $5 – $165). If you buy budget chocolates, be sure to remove the price tag.

BONUS NYC TIP: If you’re smart and can afford it, you’ll go to L.A. Burdicks. I can vouch for both the quality and deliciousness of the chocolates, plus every other schmuck out there is getting Godiva.


Instead of doing a Prix Fixe V-Day Dinner, try cooking a romantic dinner for your special someone.  If you can’t cook, get some pre-made food you know your partner loves, and just set a great table. Put out the flowers, light a candle or two, and  plate your meal neatly.  Voilà, romantic Dinner for a fraction of the cost.

BONUS NYC TIP: Go to Whole Foods (or any Delicatessen honestly), get a delicious meal from the hot bar, plate it, light some candles, put out the roses and there you have it. If you’re smart you’ll get a Massage Candle from Babeland for atmosphere during the meal, and a sexy massage after the meal (I’m a big fan of the Sandalwood candle)


This sounds too easy, I really want to impress my date”  if that’s the case, consider going to an Anti-Valentine’s day party. Anti-Valentine’s day parties are usually pretty cheap and pretty fun too. Head out to a singles party with your special someone. No one is going to kick you out if you show up as a couple.

BONUS NYC TIP: If you want to do a V-Day event in the city that is cheap, fun, and a guaranteed cool time, go to the Secret Formula Power Ballads Sing-Along. It’s ten bucks and I can promise you, Secret Formula events are always awesome and never the same-old same. Plus, if you’ve never been, I highly recommend Union Hall. What other bars in Brooklyn have a fireplace, a library, a bocce ball court plus a Power Ballad Sing-Along in the basement on Valentine’s Day?

Alright, good luck with the planning and Good Luck Out There.

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