They’re Coming Over To Hook-Up, What Do I Do?

They’re coming over to “Watch Netflix” which is code for “maybe watch Netflix, most likely hookup). Here’s what do you do to make sure the night is memorable for both of you:

1. Clean Your Junk

Make sure you’re smelling good before things go down ESPECIALLY if you expect THEM to go down.

2. Clean your Place

Make sure your sheets are clean and at minimum, straighten up so your guest has a path to walk from the door to your bed.

3. Set the Mood

Setting the mood doesn’t have to be all rose petals and candles, it can be as simple making sure your place is at a comfy temperature, or making sure your roommates (if you have any) aren’t all in your guests face when they come over.

4. Pre-Game (if you must)

If you’re a guy and you’re worried about finishing early, you might want to rub one out so you’re more likely to last longer the 2nd go round with your partner. If you’re a lady and worried that you might not finish, I’d suggest giving yourself a pre-game head start.

5. Have Protection (that hasn’t expired)

Make sure you have protection and double check to make sure that protection hasn’t expired.

6. Sex doesn’t start with Penetration

Sex isn’t only penetrative. Don’t be stingy with the foreplay. Kissing, Oral, Massage, Even talking about how much you want someone before they even get there. Whatever gets them turned on (and you’re comfortable with), do that and their night will be even more memorable.

Stay safe and Good Luck Out There

Your Thoughts?

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