I’m Clueless about First Date Etiquette!

If you’re nervous about your 1st date or just want to stop being a chronic 1st dater, here’s some quick tips on 1st Date Etiquette:

 1. Date Planning

Pick a location that is all of these things for you and your date: easy to get to, affordable, and fun. More in-depth tips planning dates can be found here. Be sure to pick aPick a place that is affordable for both of you.

2. What to talk about?

Stole this one from Lifehacker but it’s a good one. Use the FORD technique for small talk (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams). For more conversation starters, check this list.

3. What to Order?

Never order the most expensive item on the menu, especially if you don’t think you should pay for First Dates. Order things comparable in price to what your date is ordering. ex. If they get the $18 dish, get something in that price range.

4. Who Pays?

If you’re male (or identify as one) pay for the date if you’re interested in date #2. Go dutch only if they refuse to let you pay for the full date, but be sure to triple-check.  If you’re a lady (or identify as one) offer to pay and have the money to do so, but don’t insist unless you ACTUALLY want to pay. If you have no interest in a 2nd date, insist upon going dutch.

5. Should I kiss them?

Only if you want things to lead to date #! You should either ask, or lean in so they can meet you halfway and reciprocate. If they don’t lean in, or reject your kiss, don’t insist upon a kiss.

Good Luck Out There

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