Winter Date Ideas

Juno 2015 may have been a bust but Winter is still here and those dates where you stroll through the park just don’t cut it when it’s below freezing outside. Here’s what to do when the weather outside is frightful:

1. Anyplace with a Fireplace

Bars and restaurants with fireplaces can be a great mix of cozy and sexy. One of my personal favorites is Camp where you can order Make-Your-Own S’mores

2. Activites!

Avoid the stereotypical activity dates and do Trivia,  or 90s Sing Along,  or Saturday Cartoon Boozy Brunch, or go to a bar with board games, or bocce ball, or Shuffle Board. The possibilities are endless (and usually heated)

3. Embrace the Cold

Go sledding in the snow, build a snow person/make snow angels, go ice skating, or just do all the tourist-y places  that are usually crowded during fair weather days. I’m sure the Highline looks lovely in the snow.

4. Take a boozy class

Making pottery and painting is cool, but it’s cooler when you add drinks to the mix.

5. Netflix + Takeout

When all else fails, you can stream some movies or tv, get cozy with your cutie, order in, and you’ve still planned an amazing winter date.

Good Luck Out There

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