How Do I Approach Someone Without Being Creepy

There is a thin line between being charming and creepy. Here’s how to approach a stranger without coming off as a huge creeper:

1. Make Eye Contact, but don’t stare

Make eye contact, make sure they make eye contact with you, but don’t stare at them if they aren’t making eye-contact with you. You might think by staring at someone you’ll draw their intention, but half the time you’ll just look way too intense.

2. Smile

When you’re smiling the whole world (and sometimes the person you want to approach) smiles with you. Plus if you smile at someone and they smile back thats basically a Green light.

3. Introduce yourself

Don’t be coy if you’re interested, just say Hi and take it from there. Best case scenario they take your hints and start up a conversation. Worst case scenario they brush you off.

4. Gauge Their Interest

Is there body language positive? Are their arms crossed, are they stepping away from you? Are they frowning?

5. Never use pickup lines

When pickup lines “work” they work by making you look like a joke. Just be straight up and people will be more receptive. UNLESS your pickup line is so purposefully cheesy that they laugh at how silly it is.

6. Keep things light

If they’re receptive, don’t get deep on them. Basic small talk should lead to attempting to get their number. Save the deep conversations for the First Date.

Good Luck Out There.

Your Thoughts?

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