You Got Their Number, Now What?

You finally worked up the nerve to chat up that ridiculously attractive person you’ve been crushing on and they’ve given you their number. Now What?

1. Make the First Move

Don’t play coy if you did the hard-work of getting their digits. It earns you exactly zero points. Be Proactive

2. ..But Wait  a Day 

Yes you should make the first move but not 1 hour after you get their number! Go about your day and hit them up tomorrow.

3. Keep it Casual

It’s easy to get infatuated with an attractive people but try to keep it casual and stay cool, calm, and collected. No texting about your future together.

4. Gauge their Interest

People give out fake numbers. The motives don’t matter, just know that it happens. When youreach out, make sure they’re actually interested in going on a date. If a response seems lukewarm it’s a clear sign they’re not interested. Move on.

5. Maintain Minimal Contact Before Your Date

Try to avoid exhausting all your date conversations before you actually go on a date. Cover the basics, but save the interesting stuff for in person.

Hopefully, going from getting a number, to getting to the First Date is a little easier for you after reading this.

Good Luck Out There.

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