Dress To Impress: A Guy’s Guide

No matter what improvements you make to your skills in starting conversations, keeping eye-contact, maintaining positive attitude and body language, sometimes your dating success boils down to this simple idiom:  The Clothes Make the Man (according to the studies at least). If you’re a guy (or identify as one) you might not realize how important it is to show up to a date looking impressive. Trust me on this, women notice what you’re wearing. When I say Dress to Impress, I want you to groom and dress yourself so that you’re presenting the best version of YOU. We all come from different walks of life so your style of dress might not be the same as mine. Dressing to impress has little to do with how much you spend on your clothes, and more to do with how much effort you put in to looking good. You might have to change a little, but you’re here to learn to get better at dating. That might take a little work, but that shouldn’t stop you from looking good. Want to know what to wear to impress your date? Read on. 1. Wear a shirt with a collar

This rule is non-negotiable. No matter your style, there is a collared shirt that will suit you and you damn well better show up in one, especially if it’s a first date. A collared shirt doesn’t have to be limited to just dress shirts, here’s some other more casual options: Polo shirts, Flannel Shirts, Denim shirts, etc. If you’re on a budget, you can buy all of those types of collared shirts, including dress shirts, at a Walmart for under $20. Avoid shirts with oversized labels or gawdy designs. You want to look neat and but not attention seeking. It’s that simple.

2. Wrinkles are the Enemy

You cannot show up to a date looking like you just rolled off of someone’s couch. Iron or steam your clothes if they are wrinkled. If you don’t know how to iron here’s how to iron Dress Pants, and Shirts. A good rule of thumb for jeans is unless a pair of jeans is fresh out of the wash, you probably don’t need to iron them. If you feel like they look a little too wrinkled, you should invest in a steamer (it’s what I use) and steam your jeansa bit to loosen out the wrinkles. Avoid ironing your jeans or else risk looking like Seinfeld in the 90s.

3.  If you’re clothes are stained, don’t wear them

Pit stains, food stains, bleach stains, ink stains, or any other stains are a no-go. Don’t leave your house looking like you just hung out with Jackson Pollock. If you get a stain while you’re out you have some options but you are severely limited since most solutions require soaking. Carry a Tide-To-Go and just avoid staining foods and beverages before your date. During the date, if you’re a messy drinker or eater, stick to the avoidance of staining food.

4. Strong Odor is the Enemy

Bathe and brush whatever needs to be bathed and brushed. You also want to avoid smelling Too Much like a good thing. You might think cologne might get you laid, but it wont, and the quantity applied works in an inverse function (the more you apply, the less attractive you become). If you wear cologne, spot apply it to the inside of each wrist, then using your wrist, spot apply the cologne just below your ear lobes on your neck. That’s it. Don’t put any on your junk or chest.  NEVER, EVER, wear those body spray’s targeted to men. If you can’t afford actual cologne, wear nothing and let your pheromones do the work.

5. Wear clothing that fits

We all come in different shapes and sizes and whatever your body looks like the day of the date is what you need to dress for. If you’ve gained some weight or lost some weight, make sure you’re clothes have enough room to move in, but don’t make you look like you just walked out of the early 90’s. You can read up on proper fit here

6. Don’t Overdress/Underdress You might look amazing in a tuxedo, but you do not need to wear your tuxedo to 20 cent wing night. You might look cool as hell in your Iron Maiden t-shirt and  cargo shorts but there is a time and place for everything. If you’re unclear about what to wear, Yelp the venue and check out the Attire section. (More on what the appropriate looks for Casual, Business Casual, and Dressy later). Never, ever, wear running shoes on a date.  That’s way too normcore for a date. If you’re still in doubt, it’s better to overdress than under-dress (unless it’s a tux). If you’re still wondering what to wear on a date here’s a quick guide: Casual Look: You can pull off this look at most bars and a small amount of restaurants. It’s ok to be untucked, but avoid looking disheveled. Never half tuck. Casual Look Business Casual aka The Safe Bet: You can pull this look off at pretty much any bar most restaurants, and just about anywhere else. If you go Business Casual, chances are you’re dressed exactly the right way. The major difference between casual and business is the tucking in of shirts. You can pull off shoes or sneakers with this look. Business Casual Dressy: Different degrees of dressy here but all of these looks are great. Ties make any outfit more dressy so wear one and remove if need be. theatre-drag-hero Hope this helps you Dress to Impress and remember, you can look great on any budget. Good Luck Out There

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