How to Pickup Girls without Harrassing Them

Chances are you’ve probably seen the viral video making the rounds that shows a woman being harassed in the street over 10 hours. It’s full of some pretty terrible “pick up attempts if you could sexual harassment pick-up attempts.

Let’s assume that you’re not a terrible person and want to pick-up people in real life.

Not like this a-hole

You’re thinking to yourself “How can I hit on people without harassing someone”? Well, let’s go over some do’s and don’ts

Let’s get rid of the Don’ts first:

1.Never hit on a person who is in transit

Subway, bus, train, plane, automobile, walking etc. If they’re on their way from Point A to Point C, leave them Be (That was a terrible pun and I’m not sorry)

  1. Don’t hit on them while they’re working

That sexy barista, waiter/waitress or bartender is busy trying to a earn a living. Leave them alone and if you absolutely still want to hit on them, slip them your number when you leave. (Write it on the back of a receipt!)

  1. Don’t compliment them on their body

The easiest way to skeeve out a stranger is to say “damn you’re hot” or any other variant of that phrase.

  1. Don’t touch them

Remember, no matter how nice you are, or how innocent your intention, you’re still touching a stranger. Don’t get all touchy feely with someone because they’re attractive.

  1. Don’t insult them if they aren’t into you

Just because they don’t want you doesn’t make them a bitch.


Don’t catcall. Ever – It never works, so why even try

Don’t tell them to do ANYTHING: Smile, say thank you, etc. What are you, their mom? If you are their mom, that’s just weird. Stop hitting on your kids!

Now know all the Don’ts, lets get into what you can and should DO

  1. Be Polite.

“Hi, how are you? My name is Demetrius, nice to meet you” trumps a cheesy pickup line any day. You can substitute your name for mine, even though my name is cooler.

  1. Observe the situation

Are they alone or with friends? Are they with a significant other? Do they look receptive or do they look like they want to be left alone?

  1. Realize that they might not want to talk to YOU

Maybe they want someone to hit on them, but not YOU. You might be really really ridiculously good looking but that doesn’t mean everyone is attracted to you.

  1. Approach them with confidence, but remember that the odds are NOT in your favor.

Remember the Pareto Principle? Of course you do. Good luck getting 20% of the people you hit on to be receptive.

  1. Take a hint

If they say something to the effect of “No thanks” or they’re giving off a vibe that says “No Thanks”, it’s best to move on.


If it comes to the exchanging numbers, give them your number.  Why? Giving out your number is a great way to avoid getting a fake number and putting the ball in their court.

Remember, be polite, confident, but don’t invade their space.

…and as always, Good Luck out There.

Your Thoughts?

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