Online dating is having is currently having it’s moment. Everyone is dating online, new apps and websites are being created at an increasingly high rate and more and more people are finding love (or objects of lust) online. So if you’re reading this post chances are that I’m preaching to the choir. But, surprising as it is, there are still people out there who aren’t dating online. So if you’re one of those people you’ve probably asking yourself “Should I be Dating Online?”

A quick caveat. I met my girlfriend online. I’m clearly a big supporter of online dating. With that in mind, I’ll try to be objective.

Should you date online? Let’s go through some Pro’s and Con’s


  1. Variety – Both in the number and types of people you’ll meet but also the number of sites and apps you can try. I wont go into the incredibly long list of dating options out there but lets just say, there are lots of options out there for you
  2. Convenience – Whether you’re using an app to swipe right to show interest or sending 100 character messages, it’s pretty easy to do either of those with the easy access that most people have to smart phones/internet access. If you went to Google or Facebook today (chances are you did) you could just as easily have gone to a dating site/app
  3. Easy Immersion – Most dating sites sync with Facebook for easy setup using Facebooks API. Here’s some quick stats on Facebook users “Last quarter, Facebook passed 1.19 billion monthly active users, 874 million mobile users, and 728 million daily users.” Potentially, if even only 1% of Facebook active users were using at least one dating site you’re looking at Millions of daters online every month


  1. Time consuming – No matter how attractive you are, online dating can be a bit of a time sink. Let’s assume it takes 3 days to message, figure out if you hit it off, then meet. Perfect! Except, you’re probably doing the messaging, figuring out if you hit it off, not meeting part a lot more than meeting. Then you factor in all the first dates that don’t lead to second dates, etc. Online dating is just as time consuming as dating in real life, probably more so.
  2. Frustrating – If you’re a guy, chances are that you’ll either be messaging or matching a lot of women because for you, it’s a numbers game. If you’re a woman, you’ll probably be spending a lot of time going through a bunch of messages that are either one word, or a bunch of words you wouldn’t repeat in polite company. Both of these things are pretty frustrating
  3. Overwhelming – It can get pretty overwhelming when you get right down to it. The bad dates, the time spent, the terrible messages, the fact that EVERYONE wants to hear about your online dating experience. It can get to be a bit of a bear.

If you’re still reading, good, now I can get down to the meat of it.

Let’s look at Online Dating by the numbers very quickly:

According to a Pew study conducted in 2013:

  • 11% of internet users (representing 9% of all adults) say that they have personally used an online dating site such as, eHarmony, or OK Cupid.
  • 59% of all internet users agree with the statement that “online dating is a good way to meet people,”
  • 53% of internet users agree with the statement that “online dating allows people to find a better match for themselves because they can get to know a lot more people,”

Okay, sounds good right? Basically one in ten American Adults is dating online, and most people would say it’s a valid way to meet people. PERFECT. Or is it…

According to a study conducted at Michigan State University concludes:

Even though a large percentage of marriages in recent years have resulted from couples meeting online, looking for partners online may potentially suppress the desire for getting married. “


So what do I think?

Can you meet someone great online who is looking for a committed relationship? Yes

Can you meet someone who is looking for marriage online? Yes

Should you be Dating Online?

Yes. Of course you should. The thing is you shouldn’t ONLY be dating online.

When it comes down to it, being open to meeting someone is what drives more online  or offline dating success. If you’re shut off from options in one area, how can you meet someone amazing.

I’m not saying you need to sign up for ever dating site or app out there. Just find the one that works for you, avoid getting overwhelmed or frustrated and remember, you can always just meet someone offline.

Now, my opinion is just that, a man’s opinion of online dating. Let’s check out what a Lady has to say about Online dating.

You may remember Penny from her previous video. She’s got a Master’s degree, is a part-time model who loves art, cats, and doing yoga (though only by herself). She was kind enough to answer some questions about online dating. So here is Ladies On…Online Dating.

…and as always, Good Luck out There.

Should I Be Dating Online?

Your Thoughts?

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