What I learned about Relationships on a Romantic Getaway


You may or may not know this about me but I pretty much never take vacations. I’m one of those work-work-work types. Another thing you might not know about me, while I may be a dating guru (he said while rolling his eyes at himself for using the term “guru”) what I am NOT is a relationship guru. Or at least, not yet anyway. I’m new to the relationship advice (and relationships in general) field but if you’re reading my blog, I like to think I can impart what I know, and maybe we’ll learn together.

Not to brag or anything but I just got back from a romantic vacation to Jamaica with my girlfriend and it was an incredible experience. Yes,  vacations are incredible, but it also served as an incredible  learning experience. The goal of my blog has always been to learn from situations, good or ill, and apply those skills to whatever situation I’m in.

Now that I’ve learned a little about relationships, I wanted to share with you What I learned about Relationships on a Romantic Getaway.

I’ll keep my elitist humble-bragging to a minimum, I promise.


1. Learn and Compliment your Strengths and Weakness

I wont go over what all our specific strengths and weaknesses are but I’ll cover some really important ones that helped during our little trip to Jamaica. She has an incredible knowledge about customer service and the hospitality industry, I have a basic understanding Jamaican Patois (but not Iyaric) and am good with logistics and details. While I can count on both my hands the number of times I’ve flown and stayed in a hotel as an adult, she previously  traveled often for work and worked in the hospitality industry for a brief period. I wouldn’t say I’m all that fluent in Jamaican Patois, but I understand some pretty basic phrases and can follow along pretty easily.

The point is, before we even arrived, we knew who was in charge of what. I’m not saying that your relationships needs to develop along any sort of gender binary specific lines, it’s just good to know where your partner’s strengths and weaknesses lie.

2. Operate as a Team

Not to get all management/TED Talk-y in my advice but I have to say, realizing you’re a team and not just two people (or multiple people for you poly folks) is a great way to think of your relationship. A relationship isn’t just you and them, it’s US. Being a supportive partner is crucial whether it’s an average saturday afternoon, or you’re in kayak for the first time together and only one of you has ever kayak’ed (that’d be me).

3. Talk out your issues

No matter how strong your relationship is, you’re bound to have some disagreements or issues. It’s just how all relationships, platonic or romantic, end up working out. At some point, issues will develop between you and your partner. The trick is to get it out in the open early, address your issues, can come to some sort of compromise or understanding. Here’s a pro-tip: The best time to do this is when you’re NOT DRUNK. How you gon’ be mad on vacation?


4. Admit when you’re wrong

Nobody is perfect and I’m guessing that no matter your level of patience, there is a tiny bit of stubbornness in you.Or, maybe you are an objective person, but let’s be honest, it’s hard to be objective when you think you’re right but someone thinks you’re wrong. I’ve found that realizing when you’re wrong and being able to confidently say “I dun goofed” works wonders.

5. Respect and Confidence in your partner is Key

The key to all of these things is having confidence in your partner. When you trust someone, you’re willing to try things that make you afraid (commitment, para-sailing, quinoa, etc.) and move forward with some level of security. You probably don’t want to hear my quinoa story, but para-sailing is legit terrifying. There is no way that I would have done it without some reassurances from someone I have confidence in.

Whether you’re in a romantic relationships or a strictly platonic one, these things I’ve learned can help you build a strong relationship. Trust me on this.

Good luck out there

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