Podcast Ep. 3 – How to Play it cool

We’ve all  been in a dating situation that’s unsure, so how the heck do Play it cool when you’re completely uncomfortable? As an expert on indifference, I think I’ve got some great tips for you.

I’d write them but…wouldn’t it be much cooler to listen to my tips.

That’s right folks, Episode 3 is out and the topic for the podcast is How to play it cool

As per the usual, You can also listen on Podomatic OR subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher. Or all 3!

I also discuss some sex and dating in the news, Answer some Questions and discuss the best Valentine’s Day Date idea.

Speaking of, I had a little bit of an amendment that I wanted to make to my Valentine’s Day Date idea.

So, I mention the keys to a great Valentine’s Day

  • You can’t go wrong with a thoughtful card
  • You CAN go wrong with cheap flowers and chocolates so it’s best to skip that. Either go for the nicer stuff or skip it all together
  • Cook for your Significant other and avoid the dinner at the restaurant where the price will be increased over 100%…

Which brings me to my exciting amendment. So, I didn’t realize when I recorded the podcast but NYC Restaurant Week starts on the February17th. Save that Valentine’s Dinner for next week when you’ll get your money’s worth.

As promised, links to fun singles events for V-Day are listed below along with sex and news links.

p.s. how the heck do you pronounce Tolkien?

Good luck out there





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