Top 5 Profile Picture RED FLAGS

One of the main reasons people don’t date online is because they’re concerned that who they’re talking to isn’t who they’ll be meeting.

Yes, there are Catfish out there but what about the people who aren’t trying to scam you, but the people who don’t look like their pictures?

People can post some pretty misleading pictures so here are 5 Profile Picture Red Flags to watch out for

1. Never trust selfies

We live in an age where every single person probably has a device in there pocket that takes digital pictures.

That same device can usually be used to upload said pictures to a dating app. So why hasn’t this person asked a friend, coworker, relative, clergyman, etc. to take a picture of them to upload to their profile?

Somehow, taking a picture in a bathroom, using a 90 degree angle works though. There is probably a reason for that.

2. Be wary of headshots

If you’re an actor and you’ve got headshots that’s pretty cool. If you’re an actor and your dating profile only uses headshots that’s not that cool. Not only are headshots when you look your best, they’re also photoshopped.

3. Instagram Filters  work in their favor, not yours

As ubiquitous as Instagram is, lets all remember that it functions essentially as a low grade of Photoshop. Those pictures are manipulated using filters which enhance the picture. Unless you wear Hunter S. Thompson style shades, your life probably doesn’t have a permanent filter going on so that person is going to look dramatically different in person

4. Beware of Two Faces

In one picture, she looks like Jennifer Lawrence. In another picture, Frances McDormand. Both, lovely women, but both dramatically different looking women. If you’re noticing that from picture to picture this person looks completely different, that’s definitely a red flag

5. How many friends do you have?

I’m all for having a large and diverse group of friends and I even have profile pictures with my friends in them. The key point here is to upload pictures where you’re alone. If someone leaves your profile not sure who you are in any of your pictures, you’re doing it wrong.

So, now that you know what to look out for I’m sure you’re wondering what sort of pictures you should post. Here are the types of pictures you should post:

  • An Action shot or candid picture
  • A Travel/Touristy shot. Notice I said “A” and not All. We’ve all seen that Macchu Picchu picture, no need to post 4 from Macchu Picchu.
  • A picture with a small animal. A small human is fine but please note whose baby it is and be aware that if you’re posting that picture, people will assume you’re on the Baby Train
  • A picture where you’re dressed up. Whatever dressed up means for you.

Think I missed any red flags, or have any tips for pictures you should post? Discuss in the comments.

Good Luck out there

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Profile Picture RED FLAGS

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