5 Things you can learn from Anthony Weiner about Sexting


Oh, Anthony Weiner. You’d think you would have read my post on Sexting and learned a thing or two but sadly, you haven’t.


The good news is that my readers get to benefit from your complete lack of common sense by learning from your mistakes

Here are:  5 Things you can learn from Anthony Weiner about Sexting

1. Sexting anyone besides your Significant Other is probably bad idea

If you’re dating someone and you think that you want to give them a sneak peak of the goodies, by all means, go for it. You’re a consenting adult and I just want to be clear, your body is your own. If you have an S.O. and you’re sending out pictures to anyone else, chances are this info is going to eventually come out (88%!).  If you’re regular joe schmo maybe that’s not a big deal, if you’re someone who harbors hopes of entering public life I’d advise against it.

2. Seriously, hide your identity

Remember what I said about no face pictures? Let’s take it a step further: If you’re sexting here are some new privacy rules:

  • Don’t sext from your phone number. Instead, use a Google Voice number to send any illicit pictures (Again, no pictures of your face or any identifying parts of your body)
  • Never email from your main email. Make up a dummy email account not tied to anything with your name on it

If you’re not sending identifying pictures, not using your real phone number or email it’s a lot less likely that someone will link you to any naughty pictures that get out. Fair warning, even these methods aren’t foolproof.

3. Own up to your mistakes

When the sexting scandal first broke in 2011, the first thing that Antony Weiner did was deny that he was sexting anyone.

Mistake number two.

Mistake one was Sexting anyone other than Huma.

If someone can smell a story or scandal they will investigate further. If he had owned up to the mistakes in May of 2011 he could have controlled the story. Instead, it took less than 30 days for the story to erupt and he resigned.

4. Get your affairs in order

So the worst case scenario happens and your pictures or conversations have gotten out. You’ve owned up to your mistakes and have decided to move on with your life. But what about the people you’ve been sexting with? Have they moved on? Do they have a story to tell, or some way to profit off of your naughty bits?

I don’t care how you get your life in order but it has to happen.

Anthony Weiner resigned and admitted his proclivity for extramarital texting. If that was the end of the story I probably wouldn’t be writing this post. Instead, he CONTINUED with the extramarital texting after he was OUTED PUBLICLY. This guy had his affairs in order and thought “Nope, let’s muddle things up again THEN run for public office”

5. Or just avoid sexting altogether

What’s the benefit of sending someone a dirty pictures versus not. Odds are, you’re just better off not taking or sending the pictures in the first place. No one has ever received a naked picture and thought “Well now I’m convinced, let’s have sex”. The world doesn’t work that way. Naked pictures will always have the capacity to do more harm than good (SADLY) so before sexting really give it some thought.

Thoughts on Sexting? Leave them in the comments section.

Good Luck out there

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