5 Tips for Dating in NYC

Dating in NYC, or any big city can be rough. But I’m here to help.

Here are 5 tips for dating in NYC that are sure to get you on some awesome dates…or at least a date that doesn’t suck

1. Don’t date anyone who wont meet you halfway

Chances are, you and your date don’t live in the same neighborhood or borough, let alone the same neighborhood as the bar you’re going to.

NYC has one of the largest public transportation systems in the world so those distances usually aren’t a problem.

The potential problem is if you’re planning a date with someone and they insist upon the date being a block away from them, they probably wont compromise when it comes to much of anything else. There may be some exceptions but trust me, this is usually a warning sign.

I’m not saying you need to find a bar exactly in the epicenter between you and your date but if all they need to do is roll out of bed and you have to take an hour train ride, well, things ain’t gonna work.

That said, be wary of someone who is always willing to accommodate meeting you near your place. Not that they have ulterior motives but this is someone who doesn’t require you meeting them halfway. This might be symptomatic of a bigger issue. This is someone who you’re just meeting and they’re willing to sacrifice their time while you can just loaf on down to your neighborhood bar. Be Wary of that person. This isn’t a Rom-Com.

2. Just because it’s a great bar, doesn’t mean you want to take a date there

Listen, I love a good dive bar, I love a good chic bar, and I love everything inbetween. The thing is that I know some bars  don’t make for the best date spots.

I love Triona’s in the West Village but I’d never take a girl there on a first date because it’s a divey sports bar. An awesome sports bar, but still.

I’ve been to Ninth Ward for dates on pretty much every day of the week and I have to tell you, Friday night is not the night for a date.

Speaking of Friday night dates….

3. Don’t push for a weekend date


For most daters in NY, the weekend is when you really cut loose. You haven’t seen your friends all week, you’ve been remarkably sober, you don’t need to wake up at the crack of dawn to go to a job you hate, etc.

Do you really think that someone wants to dedicate one of their 2 nights where they have no obligation in the morning to wake up to a stranger who could potentially ruin the night?

There isn’t anything inherently wrong with weekend dates but if the person suggests as Tuesday and you’re free, don’t push it.

4. Realize that no one is trying to get married before 30

On Average, New Yorkers are getting married later than the average US citizen. Factor in the high cost of living in NYC, which naturally raises the  average education level of NY’ers and you have more and more people getting married later and later. There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with wanting marriage and kids but just realize that when you say you want to be married at 26 you look a little crazy to New Yorkers.

5. Your date doesn’t have to break the bank

Rent in NYC is too damn high. This is a fact. That said, the prospect of dating doesn’t need to drive you to bankruptcy. There are like….a bazillion parks in NYC and some of them are actually pretty nice (I’m looking at you Highline) and some of them…meh (Thompkins Sq Park, you have a lot of explaining to do).

There are free movies happening in parks throughout the city. There are free concerts happening throughout the city. Most museums are suggested donations. People watching in Union Square and Washington Square  is free. Staten  Island Yankees and Brooklyn Cyclones games are $10. There are fireworks every friday on the Coney Island Boardwalk. Open bar events happen all the time. NYC Beaches are free….I could go on but you get the idea. NYC is expensive sure, but there is so much free stuff going on.

The trick to the cheap fun date is knowing things to do that are cheap AND fun.

Here is a great  cheap date idea:

Meet in Chinatown, go to Prosperity Dumpling and get 2 orders of pork dumplings and Sesame pancakes ($3.25 total). From there, walk the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s gorgeous views are free. From there, walk to the Transit Museum. It’s located inside a decommisioned subway stop and has models of trains from days of yore. It’s also $7 a person. Your date just cost you $17.25 and is something you can only do in NYC. You’re welcome

Good Luck out there

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