How to not be “That Guy”

There are so many different ways that guys ruin dating for decent men.

Some men are so completely oblivious to their own behaviors that a list of ways not to be “That Guy” not only helps the ladies of the world, but also the unsuspecting guys.

This isn’t a free pass though because not all guys are clueless. Some of you guys are just plain assholes. If you’d like to stop being “That Guy”* then read on! (*You should want to stop being “That Guy”)

1. Get Consent

Here’s a Pro tip: If the person you’re with cannot have a conversation with you (they’re asleep, so drunk  as to be incoherent, mentally incapacitated, etc.) then you cannot get consent.

Do not pass go. Do not collect sex without permission

2. Bitches are dogs, Hoes are gardening implements, sluts are slovenly people

Here’s another Pro tip: Determine who your most beloved female friend/family member is. Now imagine they were called a whore because they had sex AT ANY POINT IN THEIR LIFE. Or if they were called a bitch because they rejected some douchebag. Seems pretty terrible right?

“But, they don’t act like (insert derogatory term used to belittle and oppress women)” you say? I promise you this, every woman you know in your life has been insulted by referencing her clothing, perceived sexuality, personality, body, height, weight, and so on.

Just consider that the next time you want to call a woman a slut.

3. A no, is a no. No matter the source

A girl saying no to sex is a no. A girl saying no to a date is a no. A girl saying no on a dating website is a no. Speaking of….

4. Don’t do a mean follow-up

You took an hour to hand-craft a well thought out message and you got rejected? Big deal. Why does that mean that you get to insult someone?

Debasing someone for not liking you only debases yourself. Grow a pair, broseph.

5. Forget everything you learned from Pick-Up Artists

Negging. Peacocking. Sarging. Whatever other tips  a dude in a fuzzy fedora told you so. Please stop this garbage ASAP


Pro Tip: Only certain dudes can pull off fedoras. Those dudes are old guys, male models, and musicians. Doesn’t sound like you? Don’t wear a fedora.

Do you know why some of these stupid PUA tips occasionally work? Because half the time a girl is looking past your PUA bullshit and seeing that you’re probably a decent guy. It really isn’t that hard to get laid if you’re halfway decent.

You should try it sometime.

6. Don’t spill your guts as soon as humanely possible

It’s ok to want to be open and honest with a girl and I’m all for honesty…to a point. You probably shouldn’t tell a random stranger that you think they’re your soulmate because a) it will freak them out and b) they probably aren’t and you’re being creepy which leads me to this point…

7. Use a little perspective

Remember my point about your beloved female friend and the idea that it would suck if they were insulted the way that “That Guy” insults chicks. Ok lets take it one step further. Try to approach all your decisions using this same standard. Want to call a woman a bitch, how would that beloved lady feel? Want to send an unsolicited picture of your peen to some random girl? How would she feel about that? What about grand declarations of romantic intent when you first meet? I’m guessing this woman you care for would be Freaked Out.

As a rule of thumb, trying to approach a situation from a different point of view, especially if that point of view is that of a woman you care about.

Good Luck out there

…and seriously, lose the fedora

Your Thoughts?

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