50 Ways to Date better

Hey readers,

To celebrate the 50th Tao of Indifference post I’ve created a list of 50 ways to date better. Get out there and enjoy your dating!

  1. Try new places on your dates
  2. Date outside your type
  3. Establish a lowest common denominator with a person before you go on a date
  4. Avoid dating fatigue by going on “dates” with friends/family
  5. Take yourself on a date
  6. Don’t date people who don’t respect your career
  7. Try out a new neighborhood
  8. Talk about your dates with your friends
  9. Don’t be negative on your date
  10. Go into your dates with no expectations
  11. Don’t date d-bags (girls can be d-bags too)
  12. Learn to enjoy your alone time
  13. Don’t rush into a date if you’re not comfortable
  14. Never take a first date somewhere that isn’t conversation centric
  15. Don’t bring up the ex unless they ask
  16. Be open and honest about your current lifestyle (job, living situation, children, marital status)
  17. Be clear about your intentions
  18. Don’t be ashamed of enjoying yourself…whatever that means to you
  19. Stop complaining about your job to your date
  20. Groom yourself before your date
  21. Don’t date until you’re ready
  22. Don’t date people who wont meet you half way
  23. Keep your hands to yourself if you don’t have consent
  24. Put a little effort to planning a date
  25. Don’t let a guy pay for a date if you never want to see him again
  26. Don’t objectify your date
  27. Don’t fetishize your date
  28. Dress to impress
  29. Be honest about what you want
  30. Don’t be afraid to leave a bad date ASAP
  31. Don’t plan the 2nd date if until they decide to go on a second date
  32. Repeat step 31, supplementing last date with the next date until you’re in a relationship (ex. Don’t plan date 3 until they agree to date 3)
  33. Don’t show your date pictures of your pets, kids, nieces or nephews on the first date
  34. Don’t compare your date to either of your parents
  35. Don’t compare your date to any of your Ex-lovers
  36. Don’t tell your date about your last date, or any other date they weren’t a part of
  37. Apartments are not a suitable date spot for a first date….at least not as the first planned destination
  38. Heed your friend’s advice about the people you date
  39. Don’t ditch your friends for a date and vice versa
  40. Don’t date people who insult you
  41. Your date is not an interview
  42. Google your date to make sure their first search result isn’t REALLY BAD
  43. Don’t stalk them through the internet. Knowing they’re not a murderer is enough
  44. Don’t get wasted
  45. If you like someone, send a follow up text and disregard the 3 day rule
  46. Be yourself
  47. You can be excited about a date, but tone down the enthusiasm when talking to your date
  48. Date people who make you happy
  49. Keep your cursing to a minimum. Vulgarity is no substitute for Wit.
  50. Don’t date bigots/intolerant people

Good luck out there

Your Thoughts?

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