10 Things to love about Bad Dates

I’ve definitely given you advice on how to avoid bad dates but lets be realistic here, they are bound to happen.

If you know that there are bound to be some bad dates in your future, why not learn to love them.

Here are some reasons  to love bad dates

  1. Ladies: 9 times out of ten, the drinks are free
  2. You get to try a new place, or go to a place you already love
  3. Bad dates are just scrimmages for good dates. Practice makes perfect (or better dates)
  4. Bad dates help you figure out a list of don’ts: Don’t bring this up, don’t wear this, don’t date vegans, etc.
  5. You learn what to screen for the next time around. How else are you going to figure out your dealbreakers?
  6. You look good when you get all fancy for dates. Someone is going to see how great you look at the bar at the very least.
  7.  At least you’re not at home watching Real Housewives
  8. You can always walk out of a bad date
  9. You never have to go on a date with that person again
  10. Bad Dates = Hilarious dating stories

There you have it, 10 reasons to embrace bad dates.

If you have some bad date stories and want to share them, post them in the comments.

Good luck out there

Your Thoughts?

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