Don’t let Social Media ruin your Relationship

First off let me just say, Social Media in and of itself can never ruin a relationship the same way that the newspapers  can’t ruin a relationship.

If, however, you wrote an Op-Ed in a newspaper extolling your hot ex, well, that might ruin your relationship.

Before I start let me just say, this post is for people not actively trying to ruin their relationship. If you’re using online tools to find strange, this probably isn’t the post for you.

That said, social media gives you so many more outlets to ruin your relationship and half the time, people are just too oblivious to realize it. Here are some tips on how to avoid relationship drama that apply to ALL social media platforms:

  • Don’t broadcast your relationship drama. Seriously. If your significant other (SO) and you are fighting, don’t take it to the internet. Passive aggressive on the internet is aggressive aggressive
  • Maybe cut back on praising your ex. Maybe you’re one of those people who maintains a healthy relationship with your ex(s). That’s perfectly fine, just don’t be the person liking EVERYTHING YOUR EX POSTS. Stop immediately
  • Be more Jay-Z and Beyonce than Kanye and Kim. I’m pretty sure Jay-Z and Beyonce were married for like 4 years before you knew about it. How many strangers know intimate details about your SO? It’s ok to want to share your happiness but try to avoid having your relationship timeline blasted all over the internet.
  • Never give out your password. Privacy is important in relationships
  • Be who you are across all platforms. Sure, I’m not saying that you are exactly the same on LinkedIn as you are on Twitter but don’t turn into a Social Media Werewolf.
  • Give them space. Don’t feel the need to folllow your SO across all media platforms. Alternatively…
  • Don’t jump to any conclusions. Curious about something, ask about it.

Now that we’ve got the general stuff out of the way, lets move on to specific platforms and how NOT to ruin your relationship:


Ok lets start with an easy one: Twitter. How much damage can be done in 140 characters? More than you think

So, here is what not to do on Twitter:

  • Watch who you tweet. Maybe don’t send flirty tweets at the pornstars you’re following, or that random hot girl from your local coffee shop. Think of how your SO would feel about you tweeting at that chick who called you a hottie on twitter.
  • No subtweets about your current SO. Again, passive aggressive on twitter is aggressive aggressive. People know EXACTLY what you mean

Simple as that. Watch who you tweet and don’t be passive aggressive on twitter


Instagram, like twitter, is all about micro-interactions. Try to limit your chances for ruining things by following these simple rules:

  • #Watchwhoyoufollow. Be aware of what upsets your SO and realize that yes, it’s ok if they’re not ok with the fact that you follow Stoya on Instagram
  • #dontpostpicturesofthemwithoutasking
  • #yourlikedphotosmightbepostingtofacebook. Remember that the next time you like that picture of a scantily clad model


Tumblr is worth a billion dollars and is a great blogging platform…if you’re really into thinspo, self-harming, porn, pizza, cats, and gifs. I’m kidding of course (shameless plug: Check out the Tao of Indifference’s tumblr!)

Seriously though, Tumblr provides a great place to blog and of course, ruin your relationship. Here’s what to do/not to do:

  • Maybe cool it with the reblogging of porn. Unless your S.O. is into that, but chances are they’ll be a little skeeved out
  • If you are going to blog about something embarrassing  don’t link it to your main email address.It’s not like you’re being shady, sometimes you need to ease people into your interests. Unless you’re a brony. You deserve to be alone BRONIES.
  • Take a break. I promise you, Tumblr is incredibly addictive. It’s like wikipedia with way more social justice and gifs. Don’t fall into the Tumblr trap and spend some time with your SO.


Ah Facebook. Allegedly, it’s cited as approx. 1/3 of the reasons why marriages fail. Crazy. Of course, it’s mostly due to people finding someone to cheat with. If you’re not looking for people to cheat with and you’re still worried about ruining your relationship on Facebook lets go over some do’s and don’ts:

  • Be open about your relationship status. Nothing says “you can trust me” more than broadcasting who you’re with. 
  • Never change your relationship status to: It’s complicated. It’s a cry for attention and a dig at the other person all in one shot. Don’t do it.
  • Change your post tagging settings so you have to approve each tag. You definitely want to control the image you’re putting out there and this helps.
  • Understand what could be considered as flirting. You see that a friend has posted a picture and you like it. Your SO sees that your hot friend who they think has a crush on you posted a sexy picture that you liked. Be wary of liking shirtless photos, bikini photos, cleavage photos, etc.
  • You can like your SO’s posts, but ease up. You don’t want to be that person who likes and comments on EVERY post/picture. People need space, even on social media sites


Simple rule: Don’t show your Significant Other your wedding pinboard unless you’re engaged

Good Luck out there

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