Required Reading: Dating Single Moms

Ladies and Gentlemen, Here at the Tao of Indifference we not only encourage caring less, but reading more.

With that in mind, here is a link roundup for you: Dating Was A Nightmare Before Computers True story: people used to meet in bars and talk to strangers. Straight Cray. Buzz Words: How to Decipher Top Online Dating Profile Phrases Thankfully I have none of these buzz words on my dating profile.  If you do, get rid of them. Pros And Cons Of Dating In NYC “The stereotype is true – New Yorkers don’t know how to slow the fuck down. We’re “in the zone,” so to speak. We walk down the same 20 blocks or so on a daily basis; we frequent the same subway stations and buy cigarettes from the same bodega, and we can do this all on autopilot without absorbing anything that goes on around us. But when we’re on a date with someone we like, we’re different. We suddenly become aware of hidden Dim Sum restaurants and alleyways we’re certain didn’t exist until five minutes ago. When you’re with someone new in New York, it feels like you’re seeing everything for the first time. In some ways, you are.” As a New Yorker, I can tell you this is all fact Speaking of New York and dating: Looking for Love in All the Right Places Wondering where all the singles in NYC are, by zip code? You’re covered Identity Paranoia: Dating in a Catfish World When your article starts with: “Facebook creepin’ is on the rise.” you know it’s gonna be a good article and In case you missed one of my earlier posts: Cheap Dates I stick by my earlier statement that coffee dates are a terrible idea. I’d love to hear a convincing counter-argument And finally, some Mother’s Day themed Dating links: 5 Rules for Dating a Single Mom How to date a Single Mom… Single Moms’ Guide to Dating How to date if you’re a Single Mom and last but not least, I’m sure you’ve seen it already but here you go: Martha Stewart is dating Online.

Martha Stewart: Single Mom, Total Babe

Good Luck out there

and for all you Mothers and Mother type figures,

Happy Mother’s Day

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