Never Stop Dating

I figured I’d take a break from blogging about Online dating to blog about Relationships. Yes, Relationships.

The biggest question I get asked when I tell people about my blog is this: If you love dating don’t you think it will be hard to give up dating when you meet someone? The answer I give is this: Why stop dating? No, not that you need to be dating other people, but why not continue dating your special someone? Is there any rule that says that once you become commited that you can’t treat every moment with them as something new? The worst thing you can do in a relationships is become complacent. There is a reason you’re with this person and part of it is because they probably enjoyed dating you. So lets talk about  5 five ways you can continue to date the one you’re with:

  • Plan out your dates. Even if it’s dinner at home or a night on the town, be sure to plan things out.
  • Ask them out. You might be living with your partner, or you might just know their schedule, but couples tend to not ask each other out because they don’t feel the need to. Take the time to ask if they’re free, even if you know they are. Remember, it’s a date and dates involve requesting someone’s time.
  • Dress to Impress. Don’t be the couple that becomes an old schlubby together, be the couple that wows when you walk into a room. Leave the jersey, sweatpants, and uggs at home. (or burn the uggs, they are terrible)
  • Commit to the date and follow through. Planning dates is good and all but you need to make sure you follow through. Don’t let yourself settle in at home and watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta. RHOT isn’t going to help you stay happy but it will make you complacent.

  • Enjoy dating. That’s the key. Don’t make dating your partner a chore

Its easy to get sidelined with your real life (kids, work, etc.) and forget to pay attention to your partner but it’s worth it. Take them out on a date, show them a good time, and they’ll do the same I leave you with this: Good luck out there

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