Break your rules

Let’s just say you’ve got a certain set of rules, deal breakers, and pet peeves that you stick to when it comes to life or dating. We all have them, I even helped you figure out what some of your dealbreakers might be

Chances are, following the rules has gotten you a lot of good but not great dates. I know that following my own rules usually leaves me on a date that isn’t amazing but isn’t terrible.

There are some exceptions here and there (Brunch that turns into a day at the Hayden Planetarium, accidentally ordering picklebacks instead of mixed drinks and getting way too drunk for a Thursday, etc.) but for the most part I have good dates.

How do you go from having a good dating life to having a great dating life?

Simple… Break Your Rules.

Here are some rules that you can break if you want to spice up your dating life. Break these at your own risk:

  • Don’t date outside of your Type. Height, weight, body type, career choice, etc. I’m not saying date someone who repulses you, just be open to the chance that the guy who is an inch taller than you might click with you.
  • Don’t call after a date. This is a new one and a variation on the wait to call after 3 days rule. See what reaction you get when you call a guy/girl after a great first date. You don’t have to talk their ear off, just ask for the next date over the phone.
  • Don’t discuss politics, religion, or money. Well you definitely don’t want to talk about money on a first date, but politics and religion should be fair game. Put your faith and politics out there. It’ll save you an awkward 2nd date I promise you.
  • Be mysterious. Or not. Let your quirky flag fly. Sure, you’ll get more people who realize they aren’t your type early on but isn’t that the point?
  • Don’t date people who have nothing on their dating profile. I’ve been on more online dates then I can remember and I’ve always followed this rule. People may put in the effort to fill out their profile but half the time they aren’t exactly the same in person. Go on a date with a relative stranger, you never know who you might click with.

I can’t promise that you’ll meet the person of your dreams but at least you’ll get some interesting date stories out of it.

Good Luck Out There.

3 thoughts on “Break your rules

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