When not to be Indifferent: Boston Marathon

I may not care about many things but I do care when tragedy strikes, whereever that tragedy may be. I know I usually blog about dating but honestly it just seemed trivial today. We’ve all seen the pictures of the aftermath and  I w won’t rehash what others have said more eloquently, just wanted to share some things that helped me get through the day: Patton OswaltPatton Oswalt put all our sentiments out there so eloquently that I really can’t add anymore. On the way home from dinner with a friend last night I came across this scene and it warmed my heart: Brooklyn Loves Boston Today, I found out that even more messages were being projected on to the exterior of the Brooklyn Academy of Music: http://laughingsquid.com/light-projections-in-brooklyn-supporting-boston-after-tragedy/ and finally, I read this post about a spectator at the Marathon who held a victim’s  exposed leg artery shut in HIS BARE HANDS But the story of Carlos goes much deeper. As a spectator at the marathon, Arredondo was there to watch a man run in memorial of his son, Marine Lance Corporal Alexander Arredondo, who died fighting in Iraq on Carlos birthday: August 25, 2004…The Arredondo family bares another tragedy in 2011 when his surviving son Brian committed suicide, reportedly related to the greif of losing his brother.” If he is not the face of the greatness of humanity I do not know what is

and finally, if you were looking for how to help, here’s a great link a friend from Boston posted to facebook: Boston Marathon Explosions: How You Can Help If none of that cheered you up today, here is a baby who frowns when you kiss him: Take care out there

Your Thoughts?

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