Your self-esteem is your own

Emily Roberts, MA LPC and overall wonderful person, recently had a conversation with me about self-esteem.

We were discussing dating, and the way things change for some people after sex. I told her a story about one day meeting a girl for a date, hooking up after the date, and then not hearing from the girl after the date. The girl reached out to me weeks later to say that she cut off contact because she felt that having sex with me on a first date lowered her self-esteem and she blamed me for it. Emily responded with a great point: Your self-esteem is your own. No one can lower your self-esteem except you Anyway, Emily just wrote a great new post called: Are you Settling? It was the best thing I read all day and I wanted to make sure you all gave it read Good Luck out there

One thought on “Your self-esteem is your own

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