When to be Indifferent?

I occasionally have a difficult time explaining the concept behind my blog in “elevator pitch” situations. When you tell someone that you write a blog about being indifferent they tend to think you’re some sort of nihilist.

Being indifferent isn’t about caring about nothing, it’s about caring about things that matter. Here are some things you should care a little less about:

  • Being Cool. You’re not cool and probably never will be cool. Accept it and move on
  • Social Media. Unless you work in social media please chill the hell out. It makes you look lame
  • Your Ex(s). You guys aren’t together for a reason. Stop stressing it
  • People you don’t know. Celebrities, friends of friends of friends of friends, folk like that.
  • Rejection. But you already knew that right?

On the flip side,  there are some things you shouldn’t be indifferent about:

  • Being a good person. Trust me. You’d rather be a good guy than a cool guy
  • How you appear on Social media. You never ever want to let a bad reputation precede you. Watch what you put out there.
  • Your current relationship. Put in some effort and actively care about it.
  • The People you do know. Your friends and family should have more weight in your life than your thoughts on Ryan Gosling
  • LIFE

Life? Hell Yeah!

Did you know that Otters hold hands when they sleep so they don’t drift apart? Or that we’re composed of the same  stuff as stars? Or that it’s against the law to hunt whales in Oklahoma?  Or that honey is the only food that never spoils? Or that Ostrichs can swim?

Life is awesome. Seriously. Even if your life sucks now it will maybe probably get better

Don’t be afraid to care about life. Being indifferent to how great life is makes you a hipster asshole who has “seen it all” but has really seen nothing

You at least have the resources to get on the internet so life can’t be that bad, right?

Good luck out there

Your Thoughts?

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