Tinder: A Dating App in the loosest sense of the word

So after reading the lovely Jenna Wortham’s article about Tinder I decided to act as a guinea pig for all of my loyal readers.

Tinder is an iOS app driven by Facebook data  that pre-loads your listed first Name, Age, and Pictures but the app lets you edit these. It also captures your interests and friends with but never posts to your Facebook page. Crucial if you don’t want your mom asking why you’re looking for dates online. That gets awkward quick.

The interface is simple, maybe too simple for most people. Click on the green heart if you like someone, or the red X if you’re not a fan. The info button will let you view any additional pictures they’ve uploaded as well as being able to view only shared interests or friends. You can’t see their facebook friends or interests unless you have these things in common so half of the time you’re only looking at a strangers pictures.

Imagine a standalone OkCupid Quickmatch app without the ability to view someone’s profile and you’ve got the right idea.

Which brings me to my point: Tinder is a dating app in the same way that Grindr is a dating app. Which is to say that they are not apps focused on dating. The focus is on rating people who are near you and seeing if they are interested. A profile consists of pictures and a short bio. No matching algorithm besides that and the potential that you both have an interest in Beer and are friends with the weird guy from High School.  You can’t filter by any criteria and once you rate someone you wont see their face again unless they also think you’re kind of cute.

I think it’s a great app for what it is: A rating system with the potential for a blind date or hookup. This app is a great tool for sex, hookups and dates and not so much on dating and relationships

Now for some Pros and Cons


  • Simple interface with intuitive design
  • Addictive rating system. Time just flies by when you’re being superficial
  • Easy to setup profile


  • No way to filter for dating criteria (age, religion, height, marital status, children, etc)
  • User info is limited to Facebook shared interest and text in a bio
  • Lack of matching algorithm

So there you have it. I’d recommend it for anyone looking to meet a new face who isn’t too concerned about actually hitting it off. If you’re looking for love, this isn’t the app for you.

Good Luck out there

Your Thoughts?

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