Ladies, This is How you Date Online: Quick Tips

Hey Girl hey,

I just wanted to circle back to give you some quick tips on how to date online.

Since I recently passed the 1000 views mark (yay) I think 10 quick tips is a good way to celebrate that and also make sure that you’re dating online effectively. So, without any further ado here they are:

  1. Drop the cynicism. Your negative energy is only going to attract the wrong type of people
  2. Don’t be embarrassed. The thing is,  everyone  is dating online. There was a point in history where women didn’t go to singles bars to meet guys now it’s the norm. You’re a trailblazer!
  3. Put in effort. I cannot stress this enough. Fill your profile with conversation starters, upload pictures that accurately represent you, answer match questions, check your messages, read a guy’s profile, respond to messages, hell, you can even send the first message
  4. Ask your friends to review your profile. Guys and girls. Objective feedback is always good to have
  5. Be honest. About yourself and what you’re looking for
  6. Don’t be afraid to say no. You wont like every single guy that messages you and that’s ok so….
  7. Don’t respond to every message. Not responding to a message says all you’ll ever need to say. Don’t feel bad about it
  8. Don’t get overwhelmed. Is it that bad that you’re getting hundreds of message even if 90% of them say “sup?” or at the worst something vulgar. Be indifferent to these messages and read the messages of genuinely cool dudes. Yes, they are needles in the haystack but that is universally true of love
  9. Use your instincts. Shady people exist all over the world and online dating is no different
  10. Be open to the New. Get outside of your comfort zone

There you have it ladies. Get out there and meet the boy of your online dreams

Good luck out there

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