Alright here’s a quick post to get you through the weekend. Here are some dating do’s and dont’s:

  • Do clean your room/apartment. No one wants to go to the bone zone in a dirty room/apartment. 
  • Don’t bring up your ex, especially in a negative way. Ifyou’re asked about a previous relationship you better have a canned PC response and not “That Bitch was crazy”. She might have been, BUT, it sounds really bad if you lead with negativity.
  • Don’t tell them a date will be dutch. If you can’t afford to pay for a date, don’t go on a date.
  • Do care about appearance. Yours and theirs. You should actively try to look good and compliment your date because they (probably) also actively tried to look good.
  • Do say please and thank you. If you’re on a date you’re probably coming across at least one person in the service industry. Nothing is more attractive than someone who is kind and polite to the people who serve them drinks/food.

These tips wont make you immediately irresistable but they definitely are a step in the right direction

Good luck out there

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