Embrace your inner Kanye


So part of being indifferent successfully is ignoring opinions that don’t matter to you. Who better to illustrate utter indifference to opinions than Kanye West

This isn’t about debating the merits of Kanye, it’s more about figuring out how you can turn a stereotypically asshole behavior into a tool to find a little happiness and peace and quit worrying about things that don’t matter

So lets just start with what we know about Kanye.

  1. He’s extremely successful and wealthy. He made 35 million last year. He wins 1 out of every 3 awards he gets nominated for (Just like Beyonce)
  2. He dates attractive women. Even disregarding  your opinion of Kim K, the guy has a track record of dating beautiful women
  3. He doesn’t care what your opinion is.

How can indifference be helpful in you life ? Well look at one of the most popular business and  self-help books The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and you’ll see that nowhere in those habits do you stop to consider the opinions of someone who is in no way involved in your life. You might be thinking that the Habits that fall under Interdependence would be focused on caring about people’s opinions and they are. The key here is that you’re focused on the people you have relationships with. Do you think Kanye cares what his Ex-Girlfriend’s new husband thinks about him? No right, because it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t and probably wont ever be involved in a situation that is mutually beneficial to Kanye and Wiz Khalifa because Wiz Khalifa is not his peer in any way (besides both being rappers but would you lump Kanye in with Vanilla Ice or the Fat Boys?). Thus, he doesn’t care.

Consider this quote about Kanye  from some guy named Shawn Carter

“Yes, we get on each other’s nerves, but that’s part of pushing each other. We push each other. The people who have a problem with Kanye or myself are the people that are complacent in life. People don’t like to be pushed. It’s, like, annoying. It’s a thing when people are pushing you to be greater, and we push each other to be greater. So of course there are times when we’re in the studio, we’re yelling, but that’s about it.”

Jay-Z, a peer, just said in plain words: He’s an asshole but we’re in a mutually beneficial relationship because I understand him and he understands me. What that tells me is Kanye cares about the things that matter (his relationship with Jay-Z and creating good music) and doesn’t care about the things that don’t (people who lack ambition)

What you can take away from this is simple.

Not caring is okay when you know what to care about (Your passions, whatever they are)

Kanye West doesn’t care about your opinions the way George Bush doesn’t care about Black People.

It’s working for him, so maybe try it out

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