How to Series: 5 Quick tips on Profile pictures


Here are five quick tips about online dating profile pictures:

  1. Upload more than 1 picture. 2 or more at minimum. Otherwise you look shady or people can’t tell what you look like.
  2. Use current pictures. This goes back to being able to see what you look like. We’re all a tiny bit superficial.
  3. Be honest with your photos. No MySpace angles. If all your pictures are from pre-5o lb weight gain you need to be honest: You look different. If I had pictures that made me look ripped and handsome and I showed up to meet you looking like Rupert Murdoch you’d feel some sort of way.
  4. No half naked pics*. Exceptions apply (vacation pictures, you ran in a marathon in the summer, etc.)
  5. No self shots in a mirror. Get a friend/stranger to take a picture of you.

4 thoughts on “How to Series: 5 Quick tips on Profile pictures

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