Finding your passion

To kick things off I wanted to discuss finding your passion.

My friends like to joke that the only thing I care about is being aggressively indifferent (hence the whole name and theme of the blog) but really I care about a lot of things. Sometimes I end caring about things that don’t or really shouldn’t matter or things I simply cannot change. ¬†When I get to this point I ask myself “Why?”. We’ve all been there but what I do is ask myself 5 Whys

Lets say I’m unhappy with my friend because he insists upon doing multiples shots of whiskey everytime we go out. Here’s what I’d do in this example:

  1. Why is he even doing shots?
  2. Why does he think I want to do shots?
  3. Why did I do this shot?
  4. Why do I care if I do this shot with him?
  5. Why do I continue doing shots with him?

Ultimately I figure out an answer for each of the Whys: Because shots of whiskey are awesome, because I’ve done it in the past, because peer pressure, because the next day hangover, and finally because reason 1.

Now, based on my reasoning you can tell doing shots with him isn’t a big deal to me. I might act like I don’t want to do them but deep down…of course I want to do these shots. It doesn’t really matter to me that I’m doing these shots so why care about it right?

Ok so now you find something that you genuinely care about or at the very minimum think you do. Try out the 5 Whys and see what sort of reasons you can come up with. In my case, I’ve become passionate about creating this blog. Why? Well….

  1. Why did you make this blog? – Because I really wanted to spread my philosophy of indifference.
  2. Why do you think you’re philosophy is worth spreading? – I definitely feel like the world could benefit from caring a little less about the trivial and ¬†feeling passionately about the things that matter.
  3. Why do you care about what people feel? – Because in the end, we’re all in this grand human experiment together right? I’d rather that the people I’m stuck on this Earth with were a little more tolerable.
  4. Why do you think you’re the one to spread these ideas? – Honestly it’s not like I’m breaking ground with any of my ideas here. They have roots in several different schools of philosophy both ancient and modern. I’m not saying I’m THE person to do it, I’d just like to be A person who is doing it.
  5. Why push people to think this way at all? – Because I feel that people should be happy and that in the end knowing what actually makes you happy and what you actually care about are important.

Ok so there you have it. I’m not saying that finding your passion is something that happens overnight but the next time you’re doing the thing you think you love ask yourself 5 Whys and see where it takes you

The 5 Whys isn’t an original concept but the use here may be. The 5 Whys as commonly used is focused on finding out the root cause of a problem or cause and effect relationship behind a problem. Your goal when using the 5 Whys is to approach everything you’re investing time into as a potential problem. Maybe you’re spending too much time on a habit and not a passion.

Figuring out if this is something worth caring about is your ultimate goal and only you can do it.

Your Thoughts?

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